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  Special Procurements


Special Procurement Orders:


Our Special Procurement Order Department is a unique section which caters to Single title orders, which are not available locally.

We travel an extra mile to source & procure the books as desired by the customer. This can be from any publisher, any part of the world. It can take between a week to 8 weeks to procure the book for you, depending upon the response time from the publisher & location from where it is to be procured.

For almost half century we have been catering to all types of book lovers, who desire to own & possess a book which is not easily available in India or cannot be located by them.

As these book titles are rare and their publishers are located in remote corners of the world, sourcing, gathering & getting these books economically transported is our specialty.

We have special tie - ups with International Book distributors like:

  • Baker & Taylor

  • Taylor & Francis

  • Homa & Sekey

  • Traders Press

  • Gardner's books

  • BookitBooks

  • Delta International Book Wholesalers

for immediate procurement at best discounts from any part of the world.

We love challenges, as every rare book to be procured is a challenge.

Our success rate in procuring has been close to 100%, including books which are out of print.

Please send us your special procurement orders at spo@ibhbookstore.com


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