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  Smart Card Solutions

International Book House in collabaration with SmartCards India provides you end-to-end solutions for all your SmartCard needs.

(e-I cards)

We are engaged in the latest technologies like RFID, Barcode, and embedded systems, hereby take pleasure to introduce the flawless automated attendance system for the Colleges, Institutions & schools.







The system is based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) which stands to be the most advanced and reliable contact less technology used all over the world.

The system takes care of the attendance of the students as well as staff members including teachers every day.
It replaces the old traditional, manual attendance system of calling roll no. of every student, which is highly time consuming every day as well as to prepare reports at the end of the year. It also creates a parents information system e.g. everyday systems send a SMS to all the parents whose children are absent for the day.

There can be special SMS’s sent like school early closed or emergency holiday etc. on the top of the click.

The system gives you the whole attendance history of a student on the top of the click. It gives various necessary reports, maintains various masters are discussed in details following in the document.

The system can also generate an output which can be uploaded on the website regularly so that the parents also can monitor their children attendance without coming to the school with their Log-In Id and Password.

The system also can be integrated with Library System and Canteen System or any other activity system as per requirement. The fees structure and related transactions also can be tracked regularly based along with receipt printing and SMS intimation. Note: This is an additional facility could be customized based on requirements.

Mark sheets also can be printed along with all calculations and grading automatically.

Why Automation?

•To save on time spent for daily roll calls.
•To avoid manual errors.
•To avoid daily reporting time.
•To obtain accurate IN & OUT Time.
•To avoid record search time, when you need to see any student’s attendance performance.
•To avoid report time used for preparing the % Attendance Reports at the end of the year.
•To have a professional and global look to the institution.

Other Services Provided

• Photo ID cards along with lanyards & card holders
• RFID, Mifare, Magnetic Stripe & Barcode cards
• Readers & Writers
• Biometrics/ fingerprint devices
• Software Solutions








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